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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a collaborative platform based on custom web services.

Use SharePoint to set up websites that help individuals and teams share information, manage content easily, automate repetitive process and publish reports for better decision-making across the business.

SharePoint supports intranets, portals and websites that bring people together in a shared online environment to swap ideas and expertise, working effectively as a team with dashboards, documents and everything else they need at their fingertips. Create custom solutions for a specific need or take advantage of the many customizable features already in SharePoint including templates, workflows, reporting, forms and more.


Company Guidance as part of their team has a top certified professionals

in the field of development and integration of SharePoint system.

Services we offer:              


1.SharePoint Consulting

  • Advice about SharePoint system integration into your business environment
  • Leading the complete integration and development projects
  • Counselling about planning and usage of Cloud SharePoint environments
  • Resource planning for SharePoint installation
  • User training at all levels


2.Installations and configuration

  • Installation of SharePoint system inside your environment

-Small installations

-Big server farms

  • Configuration

-Reconfiguration of SharePoint systems that are already in production

-Configuration of brand new SharePoint installations


3.SharePoint development

  • Development of specific applications according to client's requirement
  • Development of specific Web Part components
  • Development of additional services or adapting existing
  • Development of installation packages
  • Development of specific site definitions and other components



  • Sites and portals branding



  • Migration versions 2007>2010>2013