JAVA and ERP References:


Project name:  Creating Web services for IT Company located in the United States.

Description: This project includes the construction of Web services, processing massive amounts of data to generate a variety of reports and generate messages. Server that is used is JBOSS.

Technology:    J2EE

Programming language:    Java

Database:       MySQL


Project name:   Migration of a business solution built in NAV 5.0 to NAV 2009 R2

Description: Delivering business solutions implemented in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Projects mostly consist migrations of business solutions built in the older versions of NAV to NAV 2009 R2. That includes classic migrations, as well as special kind of migrations like resent project for fusion of two companies into one, for example. Other projects are including all kinds of development and maintenance of add-ons and business application code for NAV.

Technology:    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Programming language:       C/AL       

Database:           SQL Server 2008 R2


Project name: SITE (Solution for IT Enterprises)

Description: Implementing SITE solution (Solution for IT Enterprises) based on Microsoft ERP solution NAV2009. SITE Solution consist of wide range of functionalities that are required for most of the IT Companies. The goal is to satisfy all needs in everyday business of these Companies. Guidance is working on migration projects and on building and maintenance of functionalities.

Technology:    NAV 3.6, NAV4.0-NAV4.3, NAV5.0-NAV5.1,NAV2009

Programming language:       C/AL       

Database:           SQL Server 2008


Project name:  Enterprise Lodging System

Description:  Implementation of the hotel web platform. This is a project based on the contemporary .NET environment. Guidance AD participate in the project in stages of development, support and maintenance.

Technology:    .NET

Programming language:       C#  

Database:         SQL Server 2008  


Project name: ASP

Description: Application that provides services and products to employs incorporating full life cycle of approval, approval from technical and business point of view.

Technology:    Java 5, WebSphere, Spring 2, Struts 1, Hibernate

Programming language:       Java

Database:          MySQL


Project name: PBX

Description: Three type of application. Network application as implantation call pools (or implementation of queues).Web application for configuration of these two application and other involved business subjects (Customer, Users…)

Technology:    Java 6, Tomcat 7, Hibernate, Google Guice, Google Gin, GWT (GWTP, SmartGWT), Netty, Asterisk, Ant

Programming language:       Java

Database:          MySQL